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Kevin at U.S. Secret Service Headquarters in Wash. DC

HSBC, SCB Agree to AML Penalties
Kevin speaks to the issue of a lack of ethics behind the biggest AML cases in the last few years. The only way that he sees to end the violations by large banking corporations is not through monetary penalty.

Why Money Laundering Matters
Former police investigator Kevin Sullivan feels passionately about anti-money laundering programs. So much so that he has a message to critics who think AML programs are just about shuffling paper.

Dancing with the SARS:  Navigating the BSA Suspicious Activity Report
Overview of the suspicious activity report from it’s inception to its use by law enforcement.

ATM White Paper:  Understanding ATM Fraud and Money Laundering
ATMs are a unique world with many businesses and entities occupying the field between you and a money launderer.  Learn how an ATM works, how fraudsters and money launderers are abusing the system.

Virtual Money Laundering and Fraud
Virtual reality games are the next level of chat rooms.  Chat rooms on steroids.  Some of the virtual games allow the purchase of value with legitimate currency.  This value may be transferred with little prejudice and in essence, clean up dirty money.

Identity Theft & Identity Fraud
The fastest growing crime in the nation.  Inevitability, this leads to more crimes and eventually to money laundering.  Understand the basics of identity theft and identity fraud.

Voo-Due Diligence
Be conscious of hiring third party providers that you have little control over, especially when they are the ones you are entrusting to perform due diligence on your clients.

Developing and Anti-Money Laundering Program for International Law Enforcement
The best estimates suggest that the amount of money laundered each year internationally is close to 1.5 trillion dollars (U.S.D.).

Developing the Investigative Mind
A key phrase is “using your instincts”.  Good instincts is part of developing the investigative mind.  Your instincts come from your environment, experience, knowledge and ability.

Interview - Suspicious Activity Reports: Perceptions & Reality in Anti-Money Laundering Investigations

Interview – You Need to Collaborate

Interview – Emerging Threats